The first time a client asked us to decorate their house for their son’s wedding, we instantly said yes without a single moment of hesitation. We had never done it before. We had no idea what was required or where to source our merchandise– but we did it anyway, and it was beautiful. Since then, all of the homes we have decorated have been directly linked to that client in some way.

Client referrals are our absolute favourite method of meeting new clients– this tells us that you’ve seen our work first-hand, something, somewhere, made you think who did that? There isn’t anything quite so satisfying.

Whether you’re looking for fresh or silk florals– or a combination of the two, like the client above, we’re happy to plan it out for you. Silk florals are a great way to trim the outdoors when you’re worried about rain, even if you end up with a beautiful cloud-free sky. This way, the decor can also be done any time in advance to fit with your busy schedule, and you won’t have to worry about anything surviving until the date of your event.

Dina & Mo’s wedding is hands down the most beautiful weddings we have yet to be a part of. The stunning barn setting, the gorgeous weather, the soft colour palette– there wasn’t a single part of it that we did not love.

Photos courtesy of All This Happiness Studio © 2019

There are few things as stunning as an Indian wedding. We can never get enough of the rich colours, the bold makeup and the elaborate decor. These brides gave us incredible opportunities to delve deeper into a culture infused with passion and sheer happiness and joy.

It is always a solemn day when we receive a request for sympathy florals. Our mission here is to, quite simply, create your loved ones something beautiful in their honour and on your behalf. There are no limits– from a seven foot cross to embedded designs and hand cut templates– let us do this for you, for them. Whatever you’re thinking, we want to make it for you.