Zodiac Signs and Their Flowers

Did you know that each zodiac sign is associated with a different flower? Neither did we. Actually, it was one of our brides who mentioned this. She insisted on using carnations in her wedding, “even though a lot of people don’t like them,” she said (NB: we LOVE carnations and have never understood where they got their bad rap). When I asked her some more about this, I learned that my zodiac sign (sagittarius) is also associated with carnations– and the little girl in me smiled and smiled and smiled.

I’ve never been one for believing in the stars– I wish I were. I wish I knew more about them and the theories about how and why the time and day you were born means anything about the rest of your life. Maybe it’s because this is just how we were raised. Both of my parents have the wrong birthdays on their citizenship, my father has no idea when his birthday even is. They never had a birthday party growing up, neither did we, really. It wasn’t until we got older and started forcing them to celebrate with us that they even remembered their birthdays. And every year, we get the same complaint about not getting them any gifts, because what is a birthday anyway? When I asked my mother what time I was born, she said, “I think some time in the afternoon.” The stars aren’t so forgiving, a six hour window wasn’t sufficient to find out much more about what they had in mind for me. So learning that one of my favourite flowers lined up with the date of my birth– it just filled in one more puzzle piece that I didn’t know was missing.

Here are the rest of them:

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