Not that kind of blog

When I first launched this website I wanted to have a special section to provide you all with tips and tricks of the trade– and I started that way. And yet every time I come here to publish something new, I end up with some completely different strain of writing. I delete it all and have to remind myself, It’s not that kind of blog. My writing was personal, I shared stories and experiences and advice– it wasn’t all tips and tricks like I had originally intended. Then the other part of me thought, well so what? I know that floral design is not my dream, I LOVE what I do and I am passionate about everything beautiful that I can mix and mould in front of me; I find such intense joy with every project that it is difficult for me to imagine anything else that could match. But still,

“If you want to know where your heart is,
look to where your mind goes when it wanders.”

– Bernard Byer

I heard this quote once when I was around eighteen, and it never left me. Every so often I would catch myself in the middle of a daydream and I would laugh at the accuracy of the above quote. I stand by it still today. When my mind wanders– it goes here. It writes stories and anecdotes, it writes random passages about flowers and beauty and romance, it writes odes to my mother and to my family, it writes slam poetry and song lyrics. It writes. And I’ve always known this, since I was twelve and could formulate a proper metaphor, I knew that my mind would forever wander here. Flowers, they’re for my eyes. Words, they’re for my soul.

This brings me to the point of this post, and to the explanation of why these posts have been coming so far and few in between. To answer the latter– I found myself deleting everything I wrote because I felt like a fraud. I am not a life long gardener with tips on how to make your hydrangeas last longer (tip *use allum powder and cool temperatures*); I am not here to teach you about the colour wheel and contemporary art theory… I have to google those topics before I write for you. So instead of publishing the words that you could google yourself and find somewhere else on this massive data sphere that is the internet– I’ve decided that I am going to share with you the words of my soul, and somehow, relate them back to flowers, or brides, or weddings, or love, or romance or groomsmen or parties or something that might have originally brought you to my website.

This way, my heart and mind might actually be aligned for once. I need to write the way that you need to breathe– and I know you might think that that is a hyperbole, but believe me, the incoherent thoughts that formulate so rapidly in my mind need to be put somewhere because there simply isn’t any mental space to store them. There will come a day when I will be writing on the wrap around porch of a lake house; I will hear only the quacking of ducks in the background, maybe the laughter of children from the neighbour’s deck and the splash splash of little fish leaping out from the waters, but until then, I will write here– in my kitchen on these terribly uncomfortable bonded leather chairs, Diet Pepsi on one side and my dog’s snoring on the other– for all of you. I hope you’ll stick around.

With that said, and romance within reach, here is our most recent project:

In traditional Lebanese fashion, the groom sends a massive floral arrangement to his bride on the morning of their wedding. Last weekend’s groom called and said, “I want something different, I don’t want to send her the typical bouquet that looks like it should be at a funeral.” We laughed, then asked what he was thinking. He sent us a photo of a heart on a stand, it was probably about five feet tall. I said, no problem.

We gave him six feet tall, four hearts and three hundred roses. His bride was stunned and he was thrilled.

We had never done something like this before, but we literally have never said no to a client. Tell us what you need, share with us what you’re thinking, because if you would like to know where your heart is, look to where your mind goes when it wanders. (See how this post came full circle? SO MUCH GREATNESS to look forward to!)

His mind wandered here, we just made it a little bigger and better than his imagination could muster. If we can help with your wandering mind, let us know.

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