2019 Florals à la Runway

If there were a fashion show where florals were paraded down a runway and we all sat back and stared, oogling at the colours and the styles, it would be a lot easier to narrow down what the upcoming trends were for the wedding season. Wedding season provides a small window to be able to predict a trend that makes sense, and that quite frankly, people are even going to enjoy. Fashion takes time to build– trends erupt on the runway and then are instantly seen on the streets, out there on the bodies of celebrities and influencers all over. Flowers– well those guys need a minute to catch up, and quite literally, to grow.

Fashion apparel tends to be the trendsetter for every department– we often forget that fashion relates to all things material: home decor, gifting, furniture, etc. Even books are published in particular seasons and hardcovers are coloured and branded to follow trend. Why are flowers any different? Well, they’re not.

With wedding season so quickly approaching, we need to make sure to know what’s in and what’s not. God forbid we use a floral from last season! Actually, the beauty of florals is that we can often use the ones that are out of season. Brides are often alarmed when I tell them that their florals are coming from places like Ecuador or Holland, so we want to be certain of the colour palette before we place an order… surely no one thinks that we have a Fort Knox type green house situation where we are growing florals year-round.

Let’s get to it– the 2019 floral trends forecast à la runway.

But is this a surprise? There is literally nothing I don’t love about this colour– it is a perfect mix of pink and orange, with yellow undertones. It works well in every season and there are so many options in terms of what bloom you want. Pantone named coral as the colour of the year, which even further propelled it to the forefront of fashion for the spring.

Image source: Pinterest, search cue- coral florals

Okay, this isn’t mind blowing. Foliage and greenery is never out of style. But the difference that we’re starting to see is that the style isn’t just any greenery– what’s really in are the grassy, whispy greens– okay we’ll say it, they’re basically greens that look like weeds. The grass like quality is what makes this trend so lovely and dainty. We’ve been seeing the appearance of wild greens come into popularity more and more, especially since the appearance of English garden greens in the royal weddings.

We are LOVING this trend. One of my personal favourite styles has always been mixing various shades of the same colour, and that is exactly what this trend relies on. A block colour bouquet is made up of various flowers in different shades of the same colour.

Image source: the knot.com

This is a trend we are, admittedly, still trying to get behind. I just can’t help but think of potpourri when I hear dried florals– but the pictures out there are making it so much easier for us to fall on trend. A look that is reminiscent of a seventies bohemian wedding is back, and it is beautiful. These delicate blooms are soft and romantic, we are now seeing them pop up in weddings of all styles.

Image source: flowersbysallyann.com

Usually, when we think of dyed florals, we think of rainbow tinted roses and faux tones– and this is exactly where this trend is headed. The presence of neon, bright and unusual colours are exactly what we love about this trend! There is really only ONE image you need to see to get behind this trend– we’re talking about dyed gypsophila (commonly called baby’s breath). Baby’s breath is found in SO MANY floral arrangements, it is a beautiful added filler or stunning on its own. Now, its emergence in various colours makes it just a little different than the bright white that we’re used to seeing.

Image source: Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens

We are always open to new and exciting changes in fashion, and florals are no exception. We are loving all of these new looks and can’t wait for the bold brides who choose something on trend this year!

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